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farewell to Ira Gitler


Ira Gitler - A Very Special Friend

Ira was a world famous jazz historian, critic, raconteur, etc but to Bob Blume he was a mentor, friend and hockey coach since the late 1960's when he made him his backup goalie after learning he was the son of Charlie Parker's manager, Teddy Blume.

There are many articles about Ira - one of the greats!

PR Guru Zack Teperman's New Book CUT THE BULLSHIT!

Zack has been a great friend to SFE and has represented a number of clients with great success.  Here is his new humorous but real book about how to market yourself!

Actor Barry Pearl

Barry has been a friend since the mid 1970's when we did a show together and is one of most talented and versatile actors I have ever met.  You know him - watch this wonderful video of his career produced by a former student of his!