The epidemic of Violence: Children Killing Children

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The Epidemic of Violence: Children Killing Children!

A Documentary For Humanity 

A  moment in time can change the life forever of young students, families and communities...Parkland, Sandy Hook, Columbine and Santa Fe....these are only a few!

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Students, families, cities and countries have been left in grief, only to ask why. Some lost children and loved ones. Some suffered physical and emotional wounds that will last a lifetime.

This is the personal story of one such brave injured survivor of the Parkland tragedy, Kyle Laman, as told to us through his eyes, as well as an intimate portrait of the personal strength of his family and other students and family survivors whose lives were shattered by this continuing epidemic of violence.

Just Imagine Productions, Step Forward Entertainment, Synergy Entertainment Group and the Florida International University Department of Journalism and Media, have joined together to produce this solutions journalism documentary; as these students, families and communities continue their never-ending journey to recover, find purpose, create solutions, and make a difference in today’s world. 

This is the second in a series of documentaries produced with the mission of making a difference. Previously, Stand2Gether,  sponsored by the Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention,  was produced to let people who struggle with depression know that they are not alone…never alone, and the resources available to help them.

Key People Behind the Documentary Film

Coming together for this project are a very prestigious group of top professionals.  The Executive Producers are led by Jane Friedman (former President and CEO of HarperCollins Publishers Worldwideand Co-Founder and former CEO of Open Road Integrated Media, a digital content and marketing company); Howard R. Miller (Chairman of the Synergy Entertainment Groupand President of Howard R Miller Communications,an international marketing and public relations firm) and Robert R. Blume (Entertainment Producer/Talent Manager and Executive Producer of the annual Drama Desk Awards-the ‘Golden Globes of the Theatre’).  

The very talented creative team is led by Writer/Producer, Carrol Mendelson (who initiated the project);  Gail Kaufman Weinbrum, Producer and the documentary will be directed by Burt Dubois. These celebrated professionals have been working for months and are committed to shepherd and produce this solutions journalism documentary; as these student victims, their families and communities, continue their never ending journey to recover, find purpose, create solutions, and make a difference in today’s world. 

Washington Post Article of August 9, 2018 About KYLE LAMAN

Please take a moment to read this recent article on Kyle’s life from the Washington Post article on August 9ththat gives perspective to the overwhelming detail of what happened that day and what Kyle and his family continue to struggle with daily. Read the article HERE! Our documentary film will give as vivid a personal and family portrait of the lifetime of struggle and challenge that Kyle, and every family member and friend of those shot and killedhas to deal with for the rest of their lives. 

We Need Your Help via Contributions / Grants / Donations

You can help be a vital part of funding this powerful documentary that can change lives and the way Children's Mental Health is dealt with to prevent these massacres!  

The estimated budget for filming is $150,000.  We would also like to raise an additional $50,000 to market this film while using our extensive media connections to reach a broad viewership.  

All contributions will be made to THE FIELD, an organization that empowers entrepreneurial artists by providing non-profit affiliation and fundraising support.  All donations and grant awards to our documentary film are tax-deductible and can be processed through The Field’s 501(c)(3) 

Link to the Executive Summary Package

CLICK HERE to download the Executive Summary package that gives further details about our team and the project.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Bob Blume at:  646-522-5870

You can make a big difference with your involvement and donation!  We invite you to become part of our team!

Mya Laman speaks about her brother Kyle

Mya Laman speaks about her brother Kyle Laman - A surviving victim of the Parkland High School massacre!